Virtual Events

Pushing the Limits

At mCreat we have always been captivated by developments in technology and digital capabilities and more specifically, how that can be applied to every element of the events we create.  We constantly strive to find new and undiscovered ways to make our clients’ events stand out, using cutting edge technology to make the experience slicker and to command (if not demand!) the attention of their delegates. 

We absolutely understand that the world has suddenly and dramatically changed.  But being the team we are, we see this as an extraordinarily exciting opportunity to ‘push the limits’ on helping you redefine your event programme.  

Whether you are looking to gather your team, clients, suppliers or the general public in a 100% virtual fashion or you are thinking of your future face to face and hybrid events, we at mCreat passionately believe that we can help you deliver your best ever programme of events.  From the simple, yet essential, virtual gatherings, all the way through to awe-inspiring 4D event experiences, which go way beyond the limitations of your delegates’ screens, we would be thrilled to help you.

4D Events

Social distancing and travel limitations have completely redefined the world of events.  It has never been more important to work together, collaborate closely and bring people together regularly. Never before has Video Conferencing been so integral to everyday life. 

But when you need to go beyond the new norm of day-to-day work delivery, how do you gather people in a way which inspires, motivates, enthrals and makes them feel truly valued? How do you ensure that your virtual event is more than just hours sat in front of a small screen?  How do you make it as awe-inspring and experiential as a face to face event, when delegates are scattered in multiple locations? At mCreat we make it 4D!

By combining the latest in video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, gaming tech and networking platforms with more traditional event tools, catering and kit, delivered directly to your delegates’ own location, you can ensure your delegates are 100% immersed in the experience and the message you are looking to deliver.  The combination of these different tools avoids long, unbroken sessions in front of a single screen, keeping energy levels and engagement high and creating a mesmerising and unforgettable experience for your delegates.

Virtual Meetings and Gatherings

Maybe you have a vitally important meeting, from a Board meeting, an AGM, Annual Results announcement to a colleague recognition meeting or a global colleague pow-wow.  You might not need the full 4D experience, but it needs to be professional, smooth, inspiring, no tech-glitches and high quality.  

An event format, which many companies have turned to out of necessity, virtual events are proving to have their own unique range of benefits. These include unlimited audience reach and higher potential ROI, but only for those who manage to overcome the largest challenge in the virtual world – grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping it. 

There are so many potential distractions on the other end of that screen, it takes planning, imagination and inventiveness to keep your delegates’ full focus throughout. With many of us spending so much time on daily VC meetings, it also needs to feel different, less functional and more immersive than the day to day onscreen ‘meeting’.

We can help you keep your audience captivated from the first moment until the very last minute. mCreat will be your essential partner, from planning and delivering pre-filmed content in professional studio or green room environments, to managing the smooth delivery of your live video conference or broadcast.  We can plan, manage and deliver your virtual meeting either from end to end or whichever elements you most need help with. 

Hybrid Events

We have been organising hybrid events for many years.  Combining the traditional face to face event format with break-through technologies to take the experience to a larger audience and another dimension.

Whether it is using modern video / web conferencing technologies to maximise global participation opportunities for your event or using cutting edge through-the-line and post-event technology, to drive up delegate engagement, we would love to help.

Digital Technology Solutions

For all of our events, be they virtual, hybrid or face to face, we always strive to find opportunities to integrate technology solutions to transform the event experience, leave your delegates delighted and to drive up that all-important event engagement.  We can develop bespoke solutions for your event or work with your own in-house technology to deliver a slick, professional and inspiring event experience.   

Whether you are holding a live, 4D, virtual or hybrid event, mCreat can help you ‘push the limits’ with exceptional innovation and technical solution to make your event stand out.  Examples include:

More than just a video conference:

  • More than just VC. We can help you make your virtual event stand out from the standard online VC platforms, which so many of us spend so much time on each day.  Using webcast technology, we can introduce live polling, virtual chats, Q&A with speakers, keynote presentations with behind the scenes crew managing for a broadcast quality finish as good as if you were holding a live event

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality event technology. Taking your Keynote Speakers, selected content and event entertainment off the small screen and setting them free in a manner which will truly captivate your audience

  • Gaming tech and event-based gamification. Engendering a whole new level of delegate engagement, two-way participation and even event data collection 

  • Creative Content (story-telling and entertainment). We can support you compose and create spellbinding video and static content for your event – absolutely maximising the impact and delivery of your key message

  • Networking and engagement platforms and plugins. When one of your main event goals is to provide people with the opportunity to meet and network, we can help you achieve this in the virtual world with cutting edge plug-ins and online platforms 

  • Live Streaming and On-Demand platforms. Making your event 100% location and time flexible.  No matter where your speakers, content or delegates may be, we can help you stream live to your event audience. For those who may not be available to join you at a specific time, we can help you upload ‘On Demand’ content to watch when they are free, increasing your potential reach

  • Collaborative Event Platforms, allowing for plenary sessions, breakout sessions and private meetings all to take place in the virtual space, as they would have in real life

  • Remote Studio Facilities, such as webcast studio, virtual green room or remote broadcasting, for a more professional finish

  • 3D modelling helping you visualise, plan and design your event graphics and virtual exhibition spaces

  • Personalised ‘Delegate Experience In A Box’ delivered directly to your delegates’ locations – elevating your virtual event from the 3D world, to the 4D, using tangible items to create an experiential, sensory and real-life human connection for all attendees. Tried and tested event tools such as branded gifts / items, catering, delivered to the delegates’ doors along with any gadgetry you decide to use, such as VR headsets.  The sky is literally the limit.
Enhance your face to face event:
  • Bespoke registration systems. Fully personalised for your business, brand and each individual delegate. From point of delegate invitation, through to on-the-day logistics and content provision as well as post event communications. 

  • Tailored event Apps and Websites which you can use as a delegate portal to unify their end to end event experience.  Use them for registration, event programmes, individual delegate schedules, speaker bios, presentation content and much more.  For virtual events we can create a portal as a ‘Reception’ area, where we greet your guests, a place they can come back to ask questions and use to navigate to their next sessions.

  • Digital signage and agenda provision for fully paperless events

  • Smart onsite technologies (registration, voting systems, delegate preference tracking etc)

  • ‘Meeting in a Box’ solutions, providing all of the tools required for onsite meetings in a simple kit


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