Safe, Secure & Accessible


mCreat have always been committed to delivering a safe environment for  those attending or working at our events.  We undertake rigorous end to end risk assessments and have full Public and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  We also ensure that any 3rd party suppliers we work with provide the same.

This level of rigour has never been more important that in current times with the Covid-19 pandemic. We rigorously incorporate all Government guidelines and recommended safety measures, working closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure we are all aligned and ready to adapt at short notice, as required.  Where safe, socially distanced live event elements are not feasible, we can integrate the latest technology to ensure that you can achieve your event objectives whichever format you use.


Whatever the size or format of event, all of our guests and employees need to know that they are secure and can get on and enjoy the fun without worry.

We work with venue and contracted security teams, to ensure every detail of the event has been security assessed in advance, working together as a unified team on event day to operate hand in hand throughout.


    We have extensive, personal experience of planning events for those who experience the world differently to the majority.  We understand that every person’s personal circumstances are different and it is vital we carefully consider and plan for all.

    We work with Accessibility Professionals, who advise us on all of the different considerations and adjustments to allow every person to access and enjoy each event.

    Permits and Licenses:

    If you are holding an event which requires a permit or license, we would be happy to help.  Not only can we guide you on what permit or license you may need, we can also support you through the application process of any relevant permits or licenses required. 


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