At mCreat we understand that the events industry has traditionally had a huge carbon footprint.  From the over-reliance on one-use plastics for catering and gimmicky giveaways, through to the abundance of wasted paper both pre, during and post-event and the abundance of wasted materials in set building.

We believe that it is not only possible, but also a basic requirement of all events companies to find a way to create awe-inspiring events which are much kinder to the environment.  That’s why we are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment through steps and measures we can take throughout our business, not just on event day.

  1. Minimise the use of paper; both in our everyday office life, as well as at all stages of our event planning and delivery.  From paperless invitations, signage and speaker content at events, through to paperless invoicing and payslips in-house, we are creating smart technical solutions to minimise all of our paper usage.
  2. Encourage and promote the use sustainable set building techniques and materials; our set designers are amazing and every set they create looks incredible and unique.  But what makes them really awesome, is that they always look for opportunities to reuse, repurpose or recycle our set materials, using stock elements where feasible.
  • We hire in AV equipment and event furniture – we don’t buy and discard, we select stock from specialists who can make use of it for multiple clients.
  • We never use disposable set or furniture items.

3. Prioritise energy-saving solutions wherever possible; both in the office and at events.  It’s the small things we do, which can make a big difference.

  • We set all office equipment to its maximum potential power-saving settings
  • We ensure all electrical items are turned off when office is not in use
  • We encourage and promote use of energy-saving lighting, screens and any other AV-based solutions at our events.

4.  No single-use plastics at any of our events.

Something the events industry as a whole used to be over-dependent on.  It isn’t necessary and single-use plastics are doing so much damage to our environment. But not on our watch!

  • No plastics to be used in catering
  • No plastic to be used in giveaways or branded items

5.  Sustainability in Travel. mCreat are advocates of driving greater sustainability through travel.  Be that travel by our own team in the line of work, preparations we make for our delegates in joining our events. Our team are fully equipped to work from home to save on travel, and where it is necessary to get to a live event location, we advocate public transport or car sharing. We always promote use of public transport or car sharing for all delegates to any of our events when walking isn’t an option.

6.  Sustainability with Our Partners and Suppliers.  We want to work with event partners who believe in sustainability and support our company goals.  We therefore only work with Production Suppliers or Venues who are aligned to our sustainability policy.


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