Equality, Diversity, Fairness & Inclusion

Equal, Diverse, Fair and Inclusive

mCreat prides itself on being a company who have equality, diversity, fairness and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do.  This isn’t just because the law requires that we must, but because we believe it is fundamentally the right way to behave as a company, an employer and a supplier within the professional community and the local communities in which we live and work.

Equality and Diversity

mCreat is dedicated to creating an equal and diverse company culture, where our team (permanent, virtual, temporary or occasional) truly reflects all sections of the society we live and work in and as well as our customers.

Every employee at mCreat is respected and we are committed to ensuring each person feels able to give their best.  We also ensure that diversity plays a key role in the planning of our events too.  We work closely with every client to understand their delegates and ensure we create an event where every person feels respected, considered and able to enjoy every moment to its fullest.

    Fair and Equal Pay and Great Working Conditions

    We also believe strongly in the fair and equal pay and the provision of great working conditions of all of those who work for mCreat.  Our company ethos is that if you want to provide the very best service to clients, you need the very best team who feel valued, respected and really happy in the work they do.  Fair and equal pay and the provision of great working conditions are both crucial parts of us getting this right.


    Alison is a passionate believer that there are many highly skilled people, who feel excluded from the world of events and work.  This can be for a whole variety of reasons and mCreat prides itself on looking beyond any barriers to provide a solution.

    One key example is working hours: many people find standard office hours difficult to juggle with other life commitments.  Alison believed there was a large pool of highly skilled, untapped talent, feeling marginalised, excluded and frustrated – so she decided to do something about it.

    mCreat’s company structure was designed to specifically attract this untapped talent pool by offering real flexibility on working hours.  Those who had previously felt excluded as they were unable to commit to rigid and long working hours were welcomed in to a virtual team structure, where they could design their own working patterns whilst having an opportunity to use their knowledge and talent to their best potential.

    In return, the mCreat virtual team thrive; they work on projects befitting their skill level, have the space and opportunity to constantly develop their knowledge and the flexibility to fit work around life.  They benefit from a genuine and rewarding work-life balance, making them unequivocally loyal to mCreat and passionate about exceeding expectations for our clients every time.


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